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Full Version: Axiom Pro 12S displays water temperature, but not depth
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This was a new system last year and everything was working properly.

We have just launched for the season and reinstalled the Axiom Pro 12S MFD.
Transducer is CPT-S.
Lighthouse software version is either 3.9 or 3.10.

Everything is displaying as it should except for the depth, which shows only dashes in every app. Interestingly, the water temperature is displayed.

I have powered down, removed, and re-seated the transducer connector. Still the depth displays only dashes.

Please advise how to restore the depth display.

Thank you.
Hello nhawley,

We would recommend updating the software to the latest V3.11.42 and performing a factory reset. Please also check the sounder is set to ping by going to Menu>Settings>Transducer>Ping.

Thank you, Chris.

I updated to 3.11.42 today and spoke to your level 2 tech support. We did a factory reset. Problem persists. We didn't do a ping, but the technician said that the sounder module is recognizing the transducer. Looks like the unit needs to go to you for evaluation.
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