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Full Version: C90W - Does not power up - buttons flash only
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My c90w will not power up, the screen does not turn on at all. When pressing the power button the buttons on the right will just flash 3 times.

I'm afraid I fried the thing as I now realize I was feeding it multiple power sources. I recently hooked the c90w to a ST60 via a Seatalk to SeaTalkNG adapter. The ST60 was receiving power via it's original power connection, and the c90w was getting power from it's own power source. This setup worked for a few weeks, and now it just flashes when the power button is pressed.

I tried unhooking the SeaTalkNG connection, but the behavior does not change.

I tried powering the c90w off a powered SeaTalkNG system and nothing happens at all in that configuration.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.
Hello natesms,

I would recommend checking that the fuse for it has not blown. If is still does not power up I would recommend contacting a Raymarine Dealer for assistance, https://www.raymarine.com/buy/find-a-dealer.html

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