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Full Version: [TG11] Gasket for Raystar RS 125 GPS
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I will be removing my GPS to replace the battery and am concerned the gasket is old and cracked. How do I get a replacement. A Google search doesn’t come up with any. Thanks!
Hello goblue55,

I don't think any Raymarine office would have that surface-mount gasket any longer. As far as I can see and remember it wasn't available as a spare, and the RS125 has been discontinued for a long time.

And this brings me onto my second point: this antenna was designed in 2004 and was phased out a decade ago. Personally I wouldn't recommend spending a lot of time replacing that battery, firstly because based on questions I've received over the years, people tend to see a drop in sensitivity after opening and re-sealing the case (possibly through disturbing the antenna's grounding), and secondly because even if the replacement goes perfectly, time and effort is being expended on an antenna that has 2004-vintage sensitivity and accuracy. A modern RS150 will give 10Hz data update rate, will typically acquire a fix in <60s or so after power-up and will usually give an accuracy in good conditions of <1m.

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