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Full Version: [TG11] another Axiom 9 integration question
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I have a ST60 Tridata, S4000+ autopilot and a newer wind speed indicator all connected via seatalk. I just bought an Axiom 9 and a seatalk 5 port terminal and all the cable that I thought I would need. But I can't figure out how to connect the Axiom 9 to the seatalk network. Their is one cable coming off the Axiom 9 with what looks like a male connector with roughly the same number of pins as the seatalk terminal, but both are male. What am I missing?
Hello oldak,

The ST60 and ST4000+ talk original Seatalk (what we now call Seatalk1, ST1) which dates from the early '90s and has since been phased out (too limited for modern requirements.) The replacement, which your Axiom has, is the current industry standard equivalent NMEA2000. On most of our products we use Raymarine's implementation of NMEA2000 (improved, colour-coded connectors but standard data) which is SeatalkNG (STNG.)

To connect an older ST1 network with an Axiom display, you need an Seatalk1 to SeatalkNG Convertor (part E22158) which translates between the old and new network formats, and then off that an STNG to Devicenet adaptor cable (A06045 400mm or A06075 1m) since the Axiom has (at the request of boatbuilders) a commonplace Devicenet connector instead of our STNG.

Despite the similar name, ST1 and STNG are very different networks, the best part of 20 years apart in design, and it's not simply a case of adapting one connector to another.

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