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Full Version: [LW11] Axiom pro transducers
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After a few years of using Lowrance, I’m switching to Raymarine.
I intend to take Axiom 9 pro RVX with RV100 and A80318_ 1kW.
which I can connect directly to the MFD. On the “Coastal single station system” configuration (on your forum) I saw a transducer layout.
But now I have a few questions.
- Is it possible to arrange transducers in any other way? (maybe both on one side with the appropriate spacing - what should this spacing be?)
- What's the switch between transducers? Do I have to select manually or does Axiom display signals together?
- You may know how long the cable is on the A80318. On your configuration page, it looks like I need an extra cable to connect to the Axiom.
- What is the code of this cable (it is probably possible to get different lengths)?

Since this is quite a big step forward in my approach to fishing, I would like to arrange things properly.
Thank you for your understanding best regards and Stay healthy

Ps. I come from Slovenia and fish in the Adriatic
Please email your request to support.uk@raymarine.com and I will put you in touch with your local dealer.

Many Thanks
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