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Full Version: [JB11] Axiom 12 cannot be connected with Quantum Radar
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my system consists of an MFD Axiom 12 which is connected via a switch HS5 with instruments (SeaTalk Bus), external keypad RMK 10 and Quantum Radar with RayNet cable. The Quamtum is mounted on a pole, the cable length is appr. 15 m. The system worked well in this confuguration during last season.

When I installed the MFD and the Radar this year the MFD was not able to be connected with the radar, neither by cable nor by WiFi. Always the message "radar not found" appeared. All other functions of the MFD are working, the WiFi is visible, during pairing with the SSID of the Quantum.

I made already all the checks and remidies recommended in this forum.

Can I do something else ? Is my Quantum radar damaged ?
Hi rolobrem,

Welcome to the Raymarine forum,

As you have discovered that the Quantum radar is not connecting to the MFD via a cable or WiFi and the message "radar not found" is indication that the radar is faulty.

You can contact your local Authorized Raymarine Service Dealer by searching HERE to get the unit tested or send it to our repair center if it is still under warranty

Happy boating and kind regards
Hi Jules,

thank you for the information. That is what I was afraid of.
Next weekend I will make a final crosscheck by trying to connect my MFD with a Quatum radar of a boat in the neighbourhood via WiFi and vice-versa.
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