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Full Version: [JB11] e7 won't connect, continuous restarting
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I have

e125 and e7 with radar (wifi only), speed, depth, ais etc

e7 & e125 connected by network cable, both also connected to other instruments by stng cable.

e7 will not work when connected to the e125 with network cable.

All worked well for a while, then the e7 would every once and a while not want to connect to the e125 and continue to restart. Now it won't connect at all and continues to freeze, then restart over and over. If I disconnect the network cable, it starts fine and picks up route, speed, depth etc from the stng cable. When I try to start with the network cable, it does a number of different things, but never works. It and the e125 both report there are multiple masters, which I cannot correct, sometimes, it just freezes, sometimes it starts, freezes, then restarts over and over. Nothing has changed in the system or settings since it worked OK. I've tried factory reset and also reloading software to the e7. e125 continues to work fine regardless (other than warnings when it senses the e7 is connected as another master).

Anything else I can do, or do I just need to send the e7 in for repair?

Hello kalakai,

Having two displays set as data masters is the cause of this issue. The key is the error message you get about another master connected on the network. There can be only one master and to set that - in the home page go to Set-up-> Maintenance-> Data Master and set the display that has the chart card in it as the master. To share chart information on the second display the master will have to be turned on.

Happy boating and kind regards
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