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Full Version: [JB11] Element HV lighthouse charts crashing
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Alright, so I have a Element HV 7" everything is going great with it
except when I try to scroll around the map with the arrow buttons while
using the lighthouse charts with the chip in the unit. (Note that this only
happens with the lighthouse chart card) After I move away
from my current position on the map the software crashes. After about 30
seconds it boots back up into the map but the same problem still persists.

I've done some test to try and figure out what is going on, and here
are my results. When the chart detail is set to high and detailed, the map
almost immediately crashes when moving around the map. However if I
set the detail to low I can use the map without crashing too much as long
as I don't move around the map too fast. With that data I figured maybe
it's a problem with the unit itself, maybe I just got a bad egg. But if I take
my lighthouse charts chip to West Marine and try my chip in some of
their Raymarine Element HV units, the same thing happens.

So here I am, any help or advice will be great. Thank you.
Hello Trevor,

Welcome to the Raymarine forum,

That's pretty good diagnosing of the problem. It looks like you have proved that the chart card is causing the Element HV to restart when it has the card in it and works without issues without having the chart card in it.

You need to go back to where you purchased the product with your proof of purchase and they should replace the chart card. Other than that if you know someone who has a chart card same as yours and can loan it to you to see if that card causes same problems, just to be absolutely sure.

Happy boating and kind regards
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