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Full Version: Can't Get Radar Overlay
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Hello - I have a new Axiom RV (LH3) with Navionics charts and a new 18" radome Radar that seems to work perfectly on it's own.
I'm having difficulty getting radar overlay to display.

When cruising (7+ kts) and in Charts, I go to Layers and then turn on Radar layer switch. I then get a message that says:
"Warning - Radar overlay cannot be displayed.
- fit heading sensor
- Select "use COG" in the "Radar without heading" setting in overlay settings
and maintain sufficient speed to give accurate COG"

Any idea what this is about and how I might fix it? Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I'm new to this forum and not sure I'm receiving responses from any of my posts - perhaps I have something set wrong (or members are just astounded by my ignorance).

Thx -
Hello jmreim11,

Without heading information in the system the Chart function does not have the data needed to overlay the radar on the chart(point of reference). You can overide this and manually select "use COG" in the "Radar without heading" setting in overlay settings. To get to this setting go to Menu>targets>radar settings.

While the boat is stopped you will not have radar overlay. While you are moving the gps will create cog(course over ground) and you will have the radar overlay on the chart,

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