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Full Version: Use of Navman GPS Aerial
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Hi all

Hopefully someone can help.

I recently replaced my (old) Navman Tracker 1250 with a new Raymarine Element 9. The Tracker had not updated a the last GPS update and so returned the incorrect date and time (and so position).

We are on a yacht so the Raymarine is installed at the nav station, below decks. It works fine, but I suspect the built in GPS will not read under low signal conditions. The old Navman had an external aerial. Is there any way I can link the old Navman aerial into the new Raymarine unit?


Paul Dickinson
Yacht Tai Mo Shan NZ234
Hello Tai Mo Shan,

That antenna is not compatible and will not work with the Axiom. We would recommend taking a look at the RS150 with a STNG starter kit. https://www.raymarine.eu/gps/rs150/index.html

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