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Raymarine forum - [LW11] AIS700 works only with ProAIS2 connected (USB)

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Full Version: [LW11] AIS700 works only with ProAIS2 connected (USB)
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I have an issue with my new AIS700.

It works perfectly BUT only when it is connected to proAIS2 (usb cable to my PC + "connect" button in application proAIS2). As soon as I disconnect (with the disconnect button in the application) I loose the signal on my C70 MFD.
My system is:

AIS 700 <--> C70 MFD (NMEA0183)
RN300 tracer <--> C70 (seatalk)
RN300 tracer --> VHF navicom (NMEA0183)

the AIS700 is NEW.

Before installing it I was sending AIS signal from VHF to MFD C70 (NMEA0183) and it was working perfectly.

Thank you for you support,

Dear bhollard,

Can you send over a wiring diagram and the software revision in the AIS700?

Many Thanks
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