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Full Version: [TG11] Help to connect
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HI, I've Axiom 9RV, Quantum radome with 10m power/data cable and RS150. Help me connecting all devices in to net. I can not understand what to buy connectors, switches and cables. Sorry for ignorance.
Hello PyCu4,

You need to have two separate networks: Raynet carries the high-speed data between the Quantum and Axiom display, and SeatalkNG (NMEA2000) carries the standard navigational data between the RS150 and the Axiom. You can plug the radar data cable directly into the Network port on the back of the Axiom display: you don't need a network switch unless you plan to add more devices.

The SeatalkNG (STNG) connection is a little more complex. You can download the SeatalkNG Reference Manual here, and this shows how the network goes together. You can see part numbers in that book and also here. The simplest way to connect the RS150 and Axiom together is with a Starter Kit, part number T12217. This will contain everything you need to connect these two.

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