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Full Version: CP370 into networked C120W, C90W...
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I have had some issues with this and one tech told me it was a bad 370, the other said there are known issues with this combination. The 370 has been removed, but I'd like to run every possible diagnostic before sending it in without being on the phone all day. I was told by another tech rep that there are "known issues" with known fixes but had to leave before we could try them. Can someone run me thru the trouble shooting regimen on this combo please? Thx…


I can assure that the you have been informed incorrectly. While the CP370 may sometimes be a little challenging interface with an E-Series Classic MFD during the initial setup, the CP370 has proven to be a very reliable and simple to install replacement for a DSM30/300 or CP300. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
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