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Full Version: [TG11] No radar overlay on Axiom/Quantum 2
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I have twin Axiom 9 MFD's, CPT-S ducer and the Quantum 2 doppler radar. The issue I am having is I can not overlay the radar on the chart screen. I have the latest Navionics chip in the Axiom. I have turned on the overlay feature but still not overlay. I am running the latest AXIOM LH3 software. What am i missing?
Hello unixdood,

Heading data, from the sound of it. The radar data is oriented to the bow whereas the chart is oriented to north, and the system needs a way to relate one to the other. If you don't have an autopilot or other source of heading data then you can use GPS COG instead (by selecting Use radar without heading data in Menu > Settings > Advanced in the Chart app, but you should be aware that:
  1. this will only work when you're under way fast enough to generate reliable COG data
  2. COG is the direction you're moving (whereas heading is the direction your bow is facing) and if there's any leeway or tide or you're making heading changes, your radar will not line up with your chart. Personally I'm not a fan of radar-chart overlay from COG, I think radar-chart overlay without good-quality heading is counter-productive, but it's there if you want it.

Thank Tom. It seemed to be related as you poilted out to be the autopilot was not connected. I connected it through ST1-STNG converter and now i have overlay. Thanks for the reply!
No problem, I'm glad to hear it's working.

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