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Full Version: [TG11] Garmin VHF 315 GPS connection to SeaTalK1
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I have a new Garmin 315 VHF radio and would like to make a connection from my Raymarine chart Plotter to receive GPS info. The old Ray230 radio has a SeaTalk1 plugged into it. What can I do to make this connection. The Garmin manual says I can use 2000 or 0183. Isnt just possible to splice into the old SeaTalk1 wire to the 0183 coming off the new radio? Or do I need some converter? Thank You in advance.
Hello Hilliard,

NMEA0183 and Seatalk1 are very different networks and completely incompatible, don't attempt to splice them together: it definitely won't work. You need a Seatalk1 to SeatalkNG convertor, part E22158 (SeatalkNG is NMEA2000 with Raymarine connectors) plus a Devicenet-STNG adaptor cable, part A06075.

If you already have an NMEA2000 network then you you can connect the ST1-STNG convertor into this, but make sure that you connect it via a (spliced) backbone cable (via one of our blue connectors), have only a single point of power supply for combined network, and have exactly two backbone terminators (the blue blanking plugs supplied with the convertor are terminators.)

The point of joining via a backbone cable is to make sure that there are only 2 terminators in the network without leaving empty sockets in either network with exposed 12V pins and open to condensation and corrosion.

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