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Full Version: Airflow corrections
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Our Wireless (Tacktick) T222 is easily aligned at 0 and 180 Degrees with the remote, but on port tack reads 7 degrees high when the wind vane is actually at 90 degrees. On starboard tack it reads correctly. We have tried correcting this using the Airflow adjustment on 2 different Maxi displays. With the indicator pointed in a normal upwind range using the upwind adjustment and also as if we were going downwind and using the downwind adjustment. The anemometer was rotating with about 5 knots indicated. When the adjustments are done, the Maxi display shows "stored", but there is no adjustment actually applied. (the observed errors are unchanged).

Hi SarasotaJack,

I would suspect the wind masthead unit has an issue. I would pull the wind masthead unit and send it into our service dept to be evaluated.

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