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Full Version: [TG11] wind transducer Gray Wire?
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I am probably being dense but.....the connection instructions with my short arm wind transducer refer to a "gray wire wind 0 V (shield)" . My transducer cable has no such wire. It has an un-shielded bare wire but no gray shielded. Of course I removed all of the spade connectors before verifying how many were originally connected and I find nothing in the documentation that indicated what instrument requires the gray wire but my i60 certainly has a location for its input. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated...as usual.
Hello Daveb,

Sorry for the confusion. The documentation is referring to the wire which is common with the cable (foil) shield, which is often itself referred to as the shield and which is (arguably) grey in colour, or perhaps not: the unsheathed, silver wire you have. We use it as the 0V line, not simply the cable shield, in this cable. Here in Support, to avoid confusion I often refer to it as the bare wire.

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