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Full Version: Autopilot help
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I'm looking at a 2006 Larson 350 Cabrio cruiser twin VP 5.7GXi w DP drives. The electronics include a Raymarine C80, ST6002 and an ST60. The lower units will need to have the steering yolk bushings replaced due to a very tight steering wheel operation. While this issue was being diagnosed, the "autopilot cable" was disconnected. The steering became much better without this cable. The dealer is struggling with whether it is the autopilot cable or drive gears? I also heard something about a "white dome."

Any help with understanding this system and possible causes of this hard steering w/autopilot hooked up is appreciated. By the way, the autopilot functions fine.
Hello Eyeman,

We would recommend having a Raymarine certified installer inspect the Autopilot and steering to determine the cause,

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