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Full Version: [LW11] Transducer connector seems fragile
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Hi. I was wondering how I should go about connecting & disconnecting the transducer connector to my Element 9HV in a secure manner? Since I have to remove the plotter itself each time I leave the boat, I wonder about the fiddly thousand-pin-connector that the transducer cable has. It seems to be that it would be very easy to bend one or more of the small pins when connecting the cable since the connector doesn't have the plastic "steering design" as the power cable has?

Is there any smart bayonette-jack-adapter to add? Should I spray the connector with any … eh, silicone spray to make it more easy to plug in? I feel very nervous each time I plug the cable into the Element-device since it's hard to know if the tiny arrow marker on the cable is 100% aligned with the plotter's jack, and when I push down/in on the connector it's not a clear feeling if the pins has slided in. Also, the plastic ring that I fasten the connector feels very wobbly & stiff at the same time.

Please advice on the proper way to deal with this.
Dear Blacktip,

Thank you for your post.

You do not need to spray any silicone on your port, the port is designed with this use in mind. Ensure the plug is always lined up and take care when connecting/ disconnecting but we have not yet had any bent pins.

Many Thanks
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