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Full Version: [TG11] AIS 950 EPFS is lost
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I am working on a client's boat and getting an error message of EPFS lost. I was told that this is likely a problem with setting for the ECDIS port (set for bi-directional).

I have no clue how to change or test this? Any insight would be helpful.

Hello CYOAJay,

EPFS Lost means that the AIS is no longer getting position data from the external GPS receiver and has reverted to its internal receiver. This is an IMO-mandated standard warning. What is the external GPS source? Can you check its IEC61162-2 (AKA NMEA0183) connection to the relevant Sensor port, and that it does definitely have a good GPS fix?

I've seen this warning before on a series of boats that had an installation issue that caused severe noise that was corrupting NMEA/IEC traffic, but it could be as simple as that the external antenna doesn't have a good sky-view.

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