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Full Version: [LW11] Double set of red and black wires in cable
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I wonder if anyone can advice me on this problem. I have bought an old used Radome 2 kw scanner and a C80 classic plotter. There were 2 cables:

– one short cable with the moulded display cable connector in one end and loose wires in the other end, in this cable there are also 2 pairs of power wires (2 red and 2 black),

– one long cable with the scanner cable connector and 1 pair of power wires (1 red and 1 black) in one end, and loose wires in the other end,

I have now connected all wires between these 2 cables where most of the wires are color marked.

BUT, now to my question. I finally ended upp connecting both red wires from the display connector cable to the single red wire in the scanner cable. Same thing with the black wires.

I got it all to work, but now I worry that the antenna will consume power all the time? Maybe only one of the power wire pairs from the display connector should have been used? If so, which one?

In the display connector cable the 2 power wire pairs are marked "Battery +ve" (red), "*Battery +ve" (also red), "Video RTN" (black) and "*Batteri -ve" (also black).

The * says "Not present on "light" 11 core cables.

Anyone? See the attached page from the manual.
Dear Tommy1959,

The cables can be joined together or you can cut one set back safely, it makes no difference to the operation or power consumption of the radar. The cable was universal to supply the larger radars too, this will be the additional red and black to carry the extra power.

Many Thanks
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