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Full Version: [TG11] After Update to 3.1142 - Axiom 7 DV fails to boot
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Hi -i tried to update my Axiom 7 DV to 3.11.42. When it rebooted - it went to the axiom flash screen - then the lighthouse screen then repeated this loop. Reading on the forums - it was recommended to do a erase / factory reset - which I did.

Now to goes from axiom flash screen to lighthouse screen multiple times. Eventually it gets to startup wizard step 1 with english selected. Once here touch screen does not allow selection. After 20 seconds or so - starts all over with axiom splash to lighthouse to startup wizard.

What are the next steps?

Hello schomakr,

I'm sorry to hear that.

It's possible that the problem occurring around the time of the upgrade is coincidental, there are some other possible causes for that sort of problem:
  • a failed or failing chart card. Does the rebooting stop if you take the chart card back out again?
  • another, non-Raymarine device on NMEA2000 / SeatalkNG outputting invalid data. Perhaps the earlier software was more tolerant of this than the later? Does the problem stop if you disconnect the NMEA2000 cable?
  • unstable or poor power supply. If the power supply is insufficient (not the battery voltage but what's reaching the display, under load, which won't be the same) then this can cause the processor to crash. The time at which this is most likely to happen is when the display is starting up and has lots to do. Possibly the new software is more demanding (there's more for it to do) and therefore draws more current and pulls down the supply voltage more.

If you eliminate what you can of these and still have problems then you should get the display checked by your supplying dealer or Raymarine service centre.

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