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Full Version: [CC11] Playing Sirius Radio Through Axiom to Stereo Via Bluetooth?
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Do I have to connect my SR200 directly to my stereo via the cable in order to play SiriusXM radio? Or can I connect the Axiom to my stereo via Bluetooth and listen to SiriusXM that way? It would certainly make it a lot easier than snaking a cable. Let me know. Thanks!
Hello Grady330,

The only way for this to work is to run the cable from the SR200 to the auxillary input of the boats stereo. There is no way to make that happen wireless.

So I run the cable from the SR200 to the aux input on my Fusion to get the satellite sound. Then I run a NMEA2000 cable from the Fusion to my 5 way connector in my Seatalk network so I can control the Fusion through my Axiom. Do I have it right?
That is correct,
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