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Full Version: [TG11] Next Release of LightHouse 3
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I understand that it is Raymarine's policy not to announce future release information (dates and features), but it has now been over 6 months since the last release. Based on previous postings, there are many features that have been requested by users.

Is LightHouse 3 at the end of development or can we expect new releases in the future?

Thank you.
Hello Steve,

Yes, absolutely LH3 is in active development. COVID-19 has delayed us of course - engineers and product assurance testers are less efficient and effective when working from home, understandably - but don't worry, you won't have too much longer to wait.

Thank you. Looking forward to the next release
I have sent uploaded polars for my modified boat of which the OD class is /was very popular
what may be the chances that my particular set will be included in next release? or is this too specialized?

or, may another method be developed of individually ones by user as in previous software.

I may have been better off not upgrading to an Axiom unit

hopefully there may be a procedure created in the newer LH3 update

thank you....

I sent up polars to my boat to LH engineers page online which is a modifed version of a very popular older OD keelboat

Wiil new release contain very user specific polar sets in it's libray or will only stock boats have available polars in LH3 database?

If not suppling specific boat's data (which maybe more than is planned)
could there be a method to upload custom polar data to the onboard unit as in LH2?

That would certainly be a huge improvment.
Applogies if i have missed an exisitng method to do so

Thank you for the assitance
Hello jk,

This is somewhat off the topic of the original poster's question - it will help other forum users find answers to their own questions if threads are kept on-topic, so we'd appreciate asking new questions in a new thread in future.

To address your question now though - polars submitted to polars@raymarine.com will be addressed as part of our software release process. Each polar needs to be manually checked and usually modified and standardised before it can be introduced into a coming software release. There's quite a lot of labour involved in this so our Product Management team need to prioritise the polars which seem to address the needs of the larger number of users first. For this reason it's understandable I hope that more popular designs get introduced into our software before the more niche vessel models, and of course we can't divert too much attention away from other software development work to concentrate on polars.
We can't therefore promise a timeline before any particular polars is introduced, or that one-off or small-volume designs will be introduced.

We have in the past had the capability to load custom polars directly into the display in LH2 software. I don't have any information about whether that capability is planned for LH3, but that capability in LH2 was pretty resource-intensive for us to support - many of our users who would like to use polars are not necessarily comfortable and confident on a PC and needed a lot of talking-through which took resources away from offering support in other areas.

Hi and any idea when the new release will be available?

Yes - but I'm not allowed to say. Sorry! Soon...

I sent in polars for my boat several months ago in preparation for the Port Huron to Mackinac sailboat race on July 11. Really hoping the new release is available in time!

Hello Jeremy,

I can't make any promises, but I think you will see the next software release before then.

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