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Full Version: [TG11] Integrating new components with older ones
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I just purchased a 2000 Sea Ray 410 Sundancer with a full compliment of Raymarine electronics including Radar, GPS and AutoPilot. All of the systems are original to the boat and the chartplotter currently will not get a fix. I would like to upgrade the GPS/Chartplotter to a new Axiom 9 or 12 but wondering if any of the other systems will still be compatible/usable? Does anyone have any experience with this that could give me some advice, tips, etc?

Hello dg1213,

We try pretty hard to be backwards-compatible. The radar won't be (analogue radar), and the GPS is probably not worth retaining (the built-in GPS in an Axiom will be much better) but the autopilot should be compatible through a low-cost Seatalk1 to SeatalkNG convertor. If you can tell me what other components you may have, I can confirm about those.

To replace the radar you can use a Quantum or Quantum Doppler radar scanner. This can communicate wirelessly with the display so that you can re-use the existing cable for power (cut and splice with the new radar's cable) to simplify the installation.

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