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Full Version: [TG11] Ray60 low voltage
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I have a Ray60 which I have a on going problem with it displaying low voltage. I checked the wiring over In the winter and it all seems ok. I thought it was ok but after transmitting a couple of times on the boat yesterday the message came up again. The radio still operates ok. I did read something about increasing the sensitivity? Any help would be good.
Hello twrharris,

The latest software for the Ray60 adjusts the voltage alert threshold, but if you weren't previously seeing this warning and now you are then the voltage reaching the radio under load (when transmitting) probably is indeed on the low side. Connections that look ok can still restrict current and therefore cause a voltage drop once load is applied.

I would recommend both updating the radio to the latest software, and also measuring to see what the minimum voltage is that you see at the radio's power connection, when transmitting. I suspect this is dipping because of a high-resistance connection up-stream of there.

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