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Full Version: [TG11] Element 9 and ST60s
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I have a SeatalkNG network consisting of:

Element 9 Chartplotter
Raymarine 50 VHF
Evo 100 wheel autopilot
Em Track B100 AIS

Today I connected my ST60 Depth, ST60 Speed and ST60+ Wind displays using a Seatalk > SeatalkNG converter. The ST60s and ST60+ are daisy chaned with Seatalk cables. Power for the ST60s comes from the SeatalkNG converter.

On the Element 9 menu I was able to see and manually select the SeatalkNG converter for both speed and wind, but there was no option for depth. On the sailing/chart display, a compass appears showing wind direction and boat speed etc, but no depth.

Should the Element 9 be able to display depth information? I don't need the sonar display for now, but would be nice to have the depth display.

Hello Pete,

Yes, the Element displays should be able to show NMEA2000 depth data, and there should be a Depth option in Data Source selection (though most commonly there is no need to do a manual source selection and I always recommend not doing one unless you have to).

Was Depth not listed as an option in Data Sources, or was it listed as an option but no sources were listed as available?
Can you see depth in a Databox on the autopilot display (with the Pilot View set to Multiple)?
What does the data item on the Chart page on your Element show for depth - just dashes --.-m or something else?

Tom, thanks for the reply. I will take some photos over the next couple of days.

Regards Pete
Ok, I'll look out for you to come back to me when you have the chance. No rush of course.
Hello Pete,

I'll test my Element display with depth data in a similar system, but in the meantime, please could you check what version of software you have in your display? You can find this in Settings > About Display. The latest is v3.10.10.

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