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Just got done installing a Mercruiser smart craft gateway, data cord and 4-way junction box. From there it is plugged into a NEMA 2000. With a power supply and 3 amp fuse ,.
I can’t seem to bring up any engine information on Raymarine Axiom Pro 9.
Please let me know if I’m missing something or maybe there is a post on this subject already??
Hello 02809Bristol,

This FAQ may well have the answer to your question, but in the meantime: when you say you can't get engine data up, do you mean that you are seeing engine gauges but that all of the data items (e.g. RPM, hours, temperature) are empty / dashes, or that you can't see engine gauges at all?

For the former problem: the cause is usually the Engine Instance number, described in the FAQ.
For the latter problem: you can find gauges in Home > Dashboard and then use the arrows bottom-left and bottom-right to go around to the Engine page (or select it from the menu.) You would also need to configure the number of engines in Home > Settings > Boat Details. Don't try to use the Identify Engines button in Boat Details, that is intended for our own ECI100 engine gateway and won't do anything with a Smartcraft gateway.

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