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Full Version: [TG11] Integrating Axiom 7 with ST60+ Instruments
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I have a new Axiom 7 (without sonar) for my sailboat. I have existing ST60+ instruments: Wind and Close-Hauled, Graphic Display, and Tridata. Also an ST2000 Tiller Pilot with it's own power. All ST60+ and the tiller pilot devices are connected with Seatalk 1, which fills all Seatalk 1 female outlets on the ST60+ instruments with one outlet providing power. I have ordered a E22158 SeaTalk1 to SeaTalkng converter kit to bridge my ST60+ devices with the Axiom. In order to plug the converter into the ST60+, I'll need to remove the power connector from my current Seatalk network. The Axiom has a power cable and the converter kit comes with a power. How do I power the ST60+ devices and the Axiom with this configuration?

Hello Jeremy,

Good question. The Axiom requires its own power (draws too much current to be powered from STNG) and will not supply power to STNG (it's important to have only a single point of power in STNG/NMEA2000 so only devices with switchable power such as autopilots ACUs can supply power). In your system I suspect that you would also have ST1 power via the deck socket of your ST2000 as well as the ST60's power cable - if you unplug the ST60 cable, do the instruments power down?

If the ST1 network is NOT getting power via the pilot deck socket, use the STNG red-black power cable: the E22158 convertor will pass this through to ST1.
If the ST1 network IS getting power via the pilot deck socket, leave the STNG red-black power cable disconnected: that ST1 power supply will pass through the convertor to STNG.
Power can come from either ST1 or STNG, but not both.

I have a similar but more complex problem integrating two new Axiom Pro MFDs to a group of older ST-60 instruments. There are 7 SeaTalk instruments plus a 400G autopilot and S7001 Head.

I understand that power should only come from SeaTalk or SeaTalkng, and not both. I also read that if there are more than 5 SeaTalk instruments, then the SeaTalk network should get power at both ends of the loop via a 5 amp fused connection.

So, in this configuration should I apply power to both ends of the SeaTalk network and then let SeaTalk provide the power to SeaTalkng?

Thanks, Hubert Hopkins
Hello Hubert,

Most Seatalk instruments draw a tiny amount of current (an ST60+ display was typically around 35mA from memory) so unless you have large numbers of instruments or a very long cable run, I don't see any need for multiple power supplies and would avoid the extra complexity. The ST60+ Tridata installation manual for example says to use a single supply if you have less than 13 instruments on up to 10m of cable or up to 7 instruments on up to 20m of cable. I would just use the supply output from the T400G - unless your cable run is massive, that will be fine.

Thanks for the help on this. It's complicated mixing the old and new systems, for sure. There is plenty of info out there if you dig it out, but help on the Forum is still best.

Thanks, Hube
You're welcome.
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