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Full Version: [LW11] Autopilot EV 100 fails after software upgrade
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Hi, i bought an used trolling boat last year, and i have had some issues with the autopilot, especially in rough weather with gusts of wind.
So this year i got to borrow a chartplotter from a friend for performing an software update. However i managed to install all 3 files at once, and not the EV first. And it seems like the software could be correct updated, but i'm not sure. When i'm trying to set the boat in autopilot mode, it switces as normal, but when i press long for 10 degress either direction on the pilot, the P70 display registeres the new course, but the pilot doesn't move. The red line towars my new course shows on the screeen, but the autopilot just stands still ( or moves the opposite direction) Pretty annoying when fishing alone..
Talked to a guy at Raymarine in Norway now, and he thought it could be a blown fuse in the ACU.
Will the (wrong) installation cause this behaviour or can there be other problems. I have tried to install the new software again but then nothing happens ( i guess the file when read will not start the install when it sees that the files are the same as what is previously installed.
Thanks for any help here on the forum.

Dear Teambambus,

Thank you for post.

What SW are you installing on each product?

What software are they currently on?

What drive unit have you got?

What is your vessel and its displacement?

Have you a rudder reference installed?

The wrong installation and also the wrong setup on the first seatrial can issues. When you try to +10, does the pilot try to move and really struggles?

Many Thanks
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