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Hi Team.

I am trying to network 4 devices together - 2 A127 MFD's, an autopilot and a transducer via a CP370. My question is, can I network 4 devices using a standard 5 way connector (A06064 not an HS5) utilising one of the blue plugs at the end with a spur cable to a device and have just one terminator in the other blue plug?

OR, are the blue plugs used only for connecting another backbone cable and therefore I can only have three devices connected using one standard 5 way connector?

I'm really confused as to what I can and cant do with a standard 5 way connector so thank you for assistance with this one.

Hello Scott,

SeatalkNG / NMEA2000 is an industry-standard network for general-purpose navigational data (heading, speed, depth, GPS etc.). It's too slow to carry graphical information such as sounder, radar, chart or video images and these run on a separate, Raymarine-proprietary high-speed network called SeatalkHS or Raynet (same data, different connectors.) Most systems will use both STNG and Raynet but they're very different and not interchangeable.

Your a127s and CP370 would be networked together via Raynet cables, the autopilot components would connect to each other and to the Master a127 via STNG (assuming its a current Evolution autopilot.) It's not possible to connect CP370 to STNG and you will see that the CP370 does not have an STNG connector.
The a127s each have two network ports, so you would connect them together via one port on each and connect the CP370 to the second port on either display - no HS5 required.

For more information on STNG, see the STNG Reference Manual.

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