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Full Version: [TG11] Replacing st-50 wind with st-60
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Is there a female 5-pin plug/adapter to connect to the ST-50 wind male 5-pin plug?
Hello ritsim,

Not any more. I seem to remember this was available as a spare when I first started with the company in 1999, but it hasn't been available for many years (ST50 was the only product to use that connector and it was retired in the late '90s.) You'll need to cut the cable and fit 1/8" crimp spade terminals, which would be suitable for connecting the windvane to both ST60 and its replacement, i60.

I am not sure if this applies here but can a NMEA Micro-c connector be installed on the wind transducer cable to facilitate connecting and disconnecting the wire each time the mast is removed for storage??? Also would this interface directly with a NMEA 2000 system that is connected through a seatalk converter to the ST60 wind and the other seatalk instruments as well as the NMEA 2000 data?
Mainly trying to simplify the wiring in the boat but will use a Micro-c to connect the wires to ease mast removal if not connecting through NMEA 2000.
Hello Arcflash,

Yes, a Micro-C connector could do that job. Obviously check the connector's IP rating if it's going to be in an exposed location, and any connection should have a drip loop to make sure that water isn't running down the cable and onto the connector.

The wind signal cables are analogue and cannot be connected directly into NMEA2000. The output from our ITC5 instrument transducer convertor is NMEA2000 (via Raymarine SeatalkNG connectors), and the analogue wind can connect to that, but you would then need a Lighthouse 3 MFD or i70S instrument in order to calibrate the wind data.

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