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Full Version: [LW11] S2 smart pilot installed on sailing yacht of 2005 via ST(1)
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(great forum to learn about marine electronics !)

I plan to refurbish the nav-system from old RL70RC plotter to Element 9s or Garmin 922.
The system consists of pure Raymarine ST(1) electronics:
ST60 Wind
ST60 Tridata
Remote controller w/ handheld for AP
AP S2 smart pilot
AIS 250
Marine radio (GLL data via NMEA 0183)
The old antenna RayStar 120 is obsolete, GPS will be included in new MFD.

One ST-STng converter shall bring the ST60 Tri and Wind into STng.
Also, I would keep the ST6002 connected via ST(1) to the S2 smart pilot course computer. And the MFD will be connected via STng to Micro-C connector-cable.

I'm not sure how to best wire and organize the new system :
Q1: how to connect the S2smart pilot into STng ? via NMEA0183 to STng converter or via ST-STng converter ?
Q2: Is it possible to use the brilliant autopilot feature of the Element 9s to switch Auto/Standby and +- 1/10 degrees with a fingertip on a button and which data from the S2 could be monitored on the screen ?
Q3: Where to take the GLL data NMEA0183 for the radio ?

I saw the Garmin922 coming with both, NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 as well as higher graphical resolution (1024x600), compared to the Element 9s. But do I really have a great advantage if operating the S2 via the MFD ?

Many thanks
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