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Full Version: P70 Rudder Alignment
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Hi All,

Updated software to version 17.45
I must not have centered the rudder correctly during re-commissioning. P70 control head indicates about 5 degrees of port rudder while sailing or motoring. Yes, I've already accounted for drift, current and etc. Boat is tracking a straight heading, even though display shows about 5 degrees port rudder.

Question is: can I realign the rudder without having to re-commission again? If so, how?

Thank you.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum C Sail,

Adjustments to Rudder alignment are accomplished by re-executing the Dockside Wizard (MENU->SET-UP->AUTOPILOT CALIBRATION->COMMISSIONING->DOCKSIDE WIZARD).
Thank you Chuck. I will try that next time on the sailboat.
You're welcome.
On a related note, I had to remount the position sensor so it's "zero" position is now different. However, when I try to re-run the dockside wizard, it goes through all the steps and then errors with the message "task fail." It still reads a position and the autopilot still works (with an abrupt shift towards what it thinks is center every time it's engaged).

How can I debug why it will not recalibrate the position sensor?

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