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Full Version: [TG11] No sea temperature on MFD
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Recently I have installed system containing EV Wheel Autopilot and i70 system pack (speed/temp. , wind, depth). Connections/cables diagram is attached.
After turning power (at the dock) to instruments (back bone and ACU-100, 3 LED status lights inside iTC-5 (speed/temp, wind and depth) are constantly ON, SeaTalk light is ON. After few minutes, speed/temperature light starts flashing with the same intervals as 2 LEDs for Fluxgate compass and rudder (these 2 are not connected).
There is no SEA TEMPERATURE displayed on any menu on i70s display.
All transducer set ups were performed (speed, wind, depth). There as no option for temperature set up on Transducer set up menu.
DST800 is installed to read temperature, wired according to attached schematics.
Hello jgol,

Is speed data ok?
On the DST, do you have the bare/shield wire connected to the Depth terminals or Speed?
What specific value do you see for water temperature? Is it zeroes, dashes ( -.-F ) or something else?

You can test the thermistor sensor inside the DST800 analogue transducer by disconnecting it from the ITC5 and measuring for resistance between the brown and white wires: this is a resistance that will decrease as temperature increases, where 10kOhms = 25 degrees C. You should see something between around 7k and 13kOhms. If you don't then that would suggest a transducer problem.

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