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Full Version: Change i60 Wind instrument from Master to Repeater
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Previously my wind transducer was connected directly to my i60 display wind, and it worked OK.

I haven disconnected the wind transducer from i60, and added a ITC-5 with wind, depth, speed and temperature transducers connected.
I want my i60 to display the data received via SeatalkNG from ITC-5 as repeater, instead of being a master, but it appears to be stcuck in "Master"

The manual only gives me the possibility to see that the i60 is set as Master.

Do you know how I can change this?

Please see attached drawing of my system.
Hello torgrim,

The itc-5 is designed to be used in conjunction with the i70 display. The i60 will not work as you are trying to use it.
The i60 can have the wind transducer wired directly to it or you would need to add a i70 to the system to then pass the data to the i60.

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