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Full Version: SmartController and new EV200 autopilot
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I have had a SmartController in use with my original autopilot system (S1 course computer and ST6001 control head). It worked fine.

Just replaced the autopilot with a new EV200 Sail system. All electronics are up to date with the latest software versions.

The SmartController works with the new system except for one thing. The rudder position bar at the bottom of the display on the SmartController does not work. It almost always shows the position as hard over to starboard, even though that is not true. Other position indicators (on the P70 and e95) are accurate, but not the SmartController.

Advice? Thanks.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Paul?

Was the rudder reference transducer supplied with the ACU-200 installed when the Evolution autopilot was installed? If so and while the boat is stationary, does the p70/p70R Autopilot Control Head correctly indicate the rudder angle as it is changed?
I have the rudder reference transducer from the prior AP, which appears to be working. Yes, the p70 Autopilot Control Head correctly indicates the rudder angle as it is changed.

Please note that we have duplicated the reported problem. A problem report has been logged to seek correction of this problem (likely rooted in the SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter) within a future software update.
Thank you for looking into it.
You're welcome.
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