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Full Version: [TG11] RD418HD 4Kw Color Radome not working
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I had a brand new HD Color Radome installed 3 days ago. It worked fine while the tech was on the boat and did the installation. We headed out to sea later in the day and the C95 MFDs no longer detect the radar. I went up the mast and have verified voltage at the entry to the radome. It is at 12.12v which is well within the specification. The green light flashes on the HS5 Seatalk Network Switch. Both MFDs have been reset to default values. Every once in a while, the MFDs do detect the radar and do the countdown for the warm up. As soon as the warm up is completed, the MFDs report "No radar" within a minute or so. We do not have the option of returning to Puerto Real in Puerto Rico to have the tech have a look. We are on our way to Grenada for hurricane season. I am desperately looking for troubleshooting advice. Please see attached pictures
Hello richardr54,

Our apologies for the delay in replying due to the current unusual circumstances. I am guessing that you already have an answer to your question or have left the boat in Grenada, but in case this is not the case: to me, this really sounds like restricted power supply. I know that have done a check on the voltage but I am guessing this was perhaps on the end of the radar's cable when unplugged from the radar, and would then have been an un-loaded voltage.

This is exactly the kind of symptom you would see if the cable gauge supplying the radar were insufficient or there were a loose or high-resistance connection somewhere in-line. The radar draws less current as it is starting up, but during the start-up process as more systems within the radar are enabled its current draw increases, which pulls down the supply voltage. If the voltage dips low enough, the process browns-out and you get a no-radar message.

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