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Full Version: Connecting analog transducer to Axiom 9
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Is it possible to connect a three wire analog depth transducer to an Axiom 9 via seatalk without a depth instrument?
Hello phoenixsf29,

This is not possible. You can connect that transducer to a itc-5 and then to the Axiom.

You can connect the analog 200khz transducer to a iTC-5 with an Axiom ? I thought it had to be with an i70. Will the Axiom calibrate iTC-5 without an i70 in the system as well? Thanks!
The ability to calibrate the itc-5 has been added in the software for the Axiom. As long as you have one Axiom or one i70 you have the ability to operate and calibrate the itc-5 with its transducer(wind,speed,depth).
Can you please explain how to calibrate the itc-5 with the Axiom as well as the i70.
Hello Tamrow,

Please see this link for the Axiom operation manual which includes the calibration instruciutons, https://www.raymarine.com/service-and-su...documents/

I have also attached the guide for the i70 which also contains the calibration instructions,

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