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if i buy an ais700 does my mmsi need to be programmed by you or can i
do it after i get the aid transceiver?
Hello chriscd,

We would recommend having who you purchase it through program the AIS before they ship it. The FCC regulates the programming of AIS products and they must be programmed by qualified and trained personnel. You can opt to have a Raymarine certified dealer come to the boat and program it onboard as well.

Not in Europe. It's only for USS. I don't understand how we can't reset or change my MMSI number in Raymarine products in Europe or the rest of the world.

Hello fguerrir@mac.com,

Welcome o the Raymarine forum,

International regulations require that only authorized service dealers can make changes to AIS MMSI configuration. This is for everyone's safety. I'm sure you can understand what would happen if anyone could change them.

Happy boating and kind regards
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