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Hello, and thank you for looking at my plan.

I have a mix of old and not quite as old equipment that I am trying to integrate as an upgrade to some reallly old equipment that I am decommissioning.

The vessel is a 1974 Bertram 46.6 MY. The C80 will be up on the fly bridge and the A128 will be at the lower helm station.

My goal is to have as much redundancy of critical systems as possible.
I have attached my proposed drawing.

Please let me know if I have anything wrong or if there is a better way to accomplish maximum redundancy with the hardware that I have.

Hi steve12345,

That drawing looks pretty good. I would disconnect the STNG from the C80. It was never fully developed and will cause issues. The information is redundant and will go over the Seatalk side. The DSM30 can only be connected to one display. I would recommend disconnecting it from the HS5 so you have a sonar on both.

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