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Full Version: Realvision 3D topography storage
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I presently have an Axiom Pro 9 MFD integrated with older Raymarine depth, speed, wind gear. I’m planning to add an Axiom 7 with Realvision and a RV-200 transducer to my sailing catamaran. The RV-200 will be connected to the Axiom 7. The Axiom 7 will be networked to the Axiom Pro 9 via a Raynet to Raynet cable.

My primary interest in Realvision is to use it to map the bottom in areas to identify wrecks and coral heads. I’d like to be able to keep the info for future return trips to the location.

I understand one can save 3D data. I was told by Raymarine support it must be saved to the Navionics chart card installed in the system. Is that correct?
Is that the only location data can be saved?
Can I configure the system to save to a blank micro SD card installed in either my Axiom 7 or Axiom Pro 9?
Can I save Realvision topography in an area I don’t have a chart for?
Hello kentheighton,

The lighthouse charts are going to be relaunched with a new premium version shortly. The lighthouse charts give you the ability to record the bottom contour and it populates the charts. https://www.raymarine.com/marine-charts/...harts.html

Best regards,
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