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Full Version: [JB11] Axiom Fish Alarm !!!PLEASE!!!
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Just wanted to get on the record that a lot of fishermen use the fish alarm when running to get their attention when they "run over" a new spot, trolling over bait fish or drift fishing to get a "heads up" before the bite. This is a very important feature/tool to have in a fishfinder built for fishermen. My setup is Axiom displays with cp570 and B265LM transducer. I have been very happy with the performance of this combination; it exceeded my expectations, however I could not believe it did not have a fish alarm. Please get the update for a fish alarm in the Lighthouse Software.
Hello centsless,

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The fish alarm feature has been requested many times and is on the list of addition to Lighthouse 3, but when it will be available is not clear at this stage.

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