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Full Version: SeaTalk to SeaTalk ng Conversion
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I recently acquired an older boat equipped with the following Raymarine products:

- Radome RD218
- DSM300
- Legacy E80 MFD
- RayStar 125
- Ray 215 VHF

The wiring is a mess so I am planning to upgrade to a SeaTalkng backbone. I have read every thread I can find that addresses this issue but am still unclear about the exact connection to the STNG converter. I have created the attached diagram which shows how I think the layout should look and highlights the 2 areas where I am uncertain.

Can you review the diagram and provide guidance? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Hello Jones,

The E80 used a specific (supplied) Seatalk1 cable, which ended in bare wires. You would need to splice this, colour-for-colour, to the standard 3-pin Seatalk cable supplied with the first convertor. You can see further details on the E80's Seatalk cable in its installation manual.

The same essentially applies with the RS125, except that the wiring isn't colour-for-colour. The RS125 could transmit either Seatalk or NMEA0183 data formats depending on the voltage applied to its green wire, where 0V was NMEA0183 and 12V was Seatalk mode, so to connect to the convertor you would wire as shown in the top illustration in the section To connect to the RS125 into a SeaTalk system.... in the RS125's installation guide to the 3-pin Seatalk cable supplied with the second convertor.

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