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Full Version: Axiom to VHF connection kit
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I have an Axiom 12 and a Standard Horizon GX2100 with AIS and DSC.
It appears to require NMEA 0183 to connect to the MFD.
Will the E70196 kit suffice, or will I need something else as well? I don't have anything else networked at this time. I do have the Digital Radar dome and RV220 transducers, but they are connected directly to the Axiom.
Hello Vettepro,

If you want two way communications and the AIS data to show on the Axiom you would order the NGW-1-STNG converter made by actisense, https://www.actisense.com/wp-content/upl...ue-3.1.pdf

If you want to send only the gps information from the Axiom to the VHF the E70196 will do this.


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