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Full Version: E120 fails to read known good CF card
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I have an E120 that I have been using in a slave mode (connected via SeaTalkHS) to a master E120 (that has the chart card).

My Master E120 failed so I though I would just pop the chart card out of the master unit and into the slave unit but the clave unit refuses to read the card. I have confirmed that the card is good (it has a current Navionics subscription and can be read and updated in my PC) and of course the card was working just fine in the master E120 before it failed (backlight failure).

I have verified that there is no damage to the CF card socket - all pins are there, none are bent and there is no corrosion.

I have run the Verify CF card test and the operation says: Failed to write to CF card.

I have also tried to save my waypoints and routes to the CF card and it also fails.

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?

Hello bobatkins,

I would check that the unit has V5.69 the latest version of sw. If it has an earlier version it will not read the card,


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