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Full Version: Completely Factory Resetting Evolution
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I appear to be having an issue with resetting the Evolution - the behavior I got when upgrading software is different than what I can trigger via menus on the P70R

As part of the upgrade to Lighthouse 17 for my Raymarine devices (see signature), I was automatically lead through a reset of the Evolution autopilot. I was prompted for a handful of things, and can particularly remember language, centering the rudder, moving it to its stops, and letting the Evolution "switch the rudder" from hard-over to hard-over.

Now, when I try to replicate this behavior via a "Factory Reset" on the P70R I don't get quite that behavior. I can get prompted for boat type and drive type, but then it just displays (apparently default) values for rudder swing and hardover times. I can update them manually, but...I think there are some other settings that are also stuck in memory.

In particular, I am trying to reset after changing the configuraiton of the RFU to now come from the ST60 RAI. Previously I had a terminal strip in the pilot house and Y-ed the leads from the RFU to both the ST60 and into the rudder terminals on the ACU-400. Everything worked OK, I was able to "power-steer", both the ST60 RAI and the P70R displayed apparently the right angle, but...there was a small dithering back and forth of the ST60 RAI indicator needle while at rest. So I decided to go with Chuck's original recommendation (on the old forum) of going straight to the ST60 RAI, and then going ST-STNG to get the signal onto the STNG bus. Got that installed, the ST60 needle is rock steady, and shifting the rudder is completely in sync between the ST60 and the P70R. So then I go to "Power Steer" on the P70R and I get beeps and "Rudder Feedback" on the P70R and my a78 displays "pilot rudder feedback fault". So I assume that the ACU-400 still thinks the rudder feedback is directly attached and start down the "factory reset" approach, except...it doesn't appear to be doing a COMPLETE reset.

How do I make the ACU-400 forget that it ever had a RFU directly connected? And go back to the out-of-the-box commissioning sequence?

Sidenote: if this configuration is not supported for "power-steering" I can go back to wiring directly to the ACU-400. I even have a spare E22158 and could run independent wiring. But I think I'm missing something obvious here and it has be buffaloed.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Keith,

Contrary to what you believe may have been recommended previously, within a system in which a ST60 Compass and an autopilot, the rudder reference transducer should only be interfaced to a single device with you system ... and that device should be the ACU-400. The ST60 Compass Instrument would then be configured to function as a repeater of rudder data which it will receive from the Evolution autopilot via the SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter (updated w/v2.01 ST-STng Converter software).

For performance calculations, Evolution autopilots will not use rudder data from any rudder data source other than an analog rudder reference transducer which has been interfaced to the ACU's rudder terminals. Correspondingly, the Dockside Wizard of Evolution autopilots where an analog rudder reference transducer which has not been interfaced to the ACU's rudder terminals will not prompt the user to calibrate the rudder.

After installing the rudder reference transducer in the manner specified within this response, if is recommended that the autopilot be reset in the manner which you had previously exercised.
Thank you Chuck.

I followed your recommendation - RFU to ACU to ST-STNG to ST60 (disconnecting from RFU) - and reset the AP. The good news is I got Power Steering back (after having to turn it back on!), but the bad news is that the ST60 has huge lags - anywhere from 3 to 11 seconds - and is very jumpy. The ST60 RAI is essentially unusable now. I looked through the ST60 RAI docs and it appears that it's automatic to be in slave / repeater mode (I couldn't find a configuration option). And it thinks it's in repeater mode (i.e. triple beeps when hitting Set). Any suggestions?

Per the ST60 RAI manual, the rudder reference transducer should be interfaced to the autopilot course computer when used within a system featuring autopilot. When so installed, the ST60 RAI would repeat rudder data transmitted to the SeaTalk bus by the autopilot's course computer. The Evolution ACU will ignore all sources of rudder data except for that from an analog rudder reference transducer which has been interfaced to its rudder terminals. Connecting the rudder reference transducer to both the autopilot course computer and the ST60 RAI may result in potentiometer loading of the rudder reference transducer, causing the dithering that you had previously identified.

It appears that data rate of rudder data being bridged from SeaTalk to SeaTalkng via the SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter is too slow to permit the ST60 RAI to be of much use as a repeater. A problem report will be logged accordingly to seek correction of this problem within a future SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter software update.

Until such a correction is implemented, it is recommended that the SeaTalk Data lead (yellow) of the SeaTalk cable connecting the ST60 Rudder Angle Indicator to the SeaTalk bus be cut to break its data communications with the Raymarine system. The ST60 RAI will continue to be powered the SeaTalk bus (through the red and shield leads of the SeaTalk cable which is joining the ST60 RAI to the SeaTalk bus). The ST60 RAI may then be interfaced to dedicated rudder reference transducer to be installed on the rudder.
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