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Full Version: Commissioning EV-100
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Good Morning Chuck, I finally had a chance to commission my EV 100 yesterday, I was driving around for 45 minutes, and the control display always read commissioning at the top ? Does this go away when completed ? I was using it and it seemed to work fine, hit auto and would hold coarse, could steer with rotating the knob. Just wondering if it's complete now, or if I should commission again and wait for for the commissioning bar at top of screen to go away ? Time was limited on water from flooding issues on the local river/lake. Still waiting on cables from Hummingbird to hook up my MFD into the system
Thank you Ray.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ray,

It is important to understand that the vessel must be operated within specific parameters and maneuvers when out for a linearization cruise. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. It is recommended that the vessel be taken out again an operated in the manner specified within the referenced FAQ. Upon completion of linearization sampling, the autopilot control head will report its completion and specify the maximum detected deviation. It is generally recommended that a location be selected for the EV Sensor Core which does not expose it to more than 10 degrees of deviation.
Good Morning Chuck, I removed my trolling motor over the weekend and tried the commissioning again twice more. Turns out I was good to go after the first time, I was under the impression that the commissioning bar at the top of the screen would go away when completed ? So I was at 8 degrees deviation first time with the trolling motor on the boat 4' away from EV unit, rotated EV unit in mount to get closer. Second time(trolling motor removed) EV was still learning and deviation went to 188 degrees, so I reset compass. This time I checked diagnostics after 50 minutes on the water, divination was at 3 degrees locked compass and called it GREAT.
So on to cables to connect MFD in new thread.
Thank you Ray
You're welcome.
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