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Full Version: Upgrading to Axiom from e95
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I have an e95 / e7 system (interconnected with RayNet), with HD radar, Evolution autopilot, AIS650 and a SeatalkNG/Seatalk converter for my St60 instruments.
My e95 is showing its age, and appears to have suffered water intrusion on our trip North from Florida this year.
I'm thinking of replacing the e95 with an Axiom Pro 9 - can I retain the e7, or do I need to replace it, too? Is there a convenient mechanical solution for swapping MFDs? How about my Navionics and Lighthouse charts?


S/V Atsa
Hello Hartley,

The Axiom Pro 9 can replace the e95. The cutout for the e95 needs to be cut wider slightly to fit the Axiom 9 Pro. The e7 will need to be replaced also. The adapter plate to fit the Axiom 7 in the e7 cutout is A80524. You will also need a A06082 to adapt your STNG cable over to the Axiom connection. The Navionics and Lighthouse charts are plug and play with the new Axioms. Functionality is the same.

Best regards,

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