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Full Version: Impossible to Display AIS Data
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If a vessel with AIS is on or near a route that is programmed into the MFD (I have e147, e145 & a9)... If you click the vessel icon, the MFD only recognizes the route and the route options. I have found it impossible to bring up the AIS info (ex. boat name) in these situations. This has become a hazard as I frequently travel the East River and Hudson River and there is significant large commercial traffic that requires communication and agreement for safe passing. I have been struggling to get vessel names so that I can hail them on the VHF to negotiate safe passing.

Any solution to quickly get the AIS info of a target on or near a route?
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It is recommended that you try exercising a quick touch on the AIS target rather than a long touch. Alternatively, use the keypad's pointer hover the cursor over the AIS object (the cursor will turn red and have the label "AIS" beneath it) and then press the OK button. Adjusting the chart range in may also aid in such AIS target hot spotting.
I have tried both these methods and still no luck (its very difficult to move the cursor and get it over a target when traveling at 30MPG). Are you not able to reproduce the issue?

Operating at speed, particularly in a smaller craft or one which will be subjected to slamming conditions, will unquestionably make it more challenging to hotspot targets. This should be expected. Under such conditions, it may be advisable to use the Tracked Targets list (MENU->AIS->TRACKED TARGETS) to seek information concerning nearby targets.
Can you put in a request to "Display AIS Name with target on the screen"? This would be a simple solution that other brands do. The name would appear above the AIS target and would be truncated for long names.
You're feature suggestion will be logged accordingly to be considered for inclusion within a future a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD software update.

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